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Introducing Jamarado

We're Jamarado, a music and lifestyle platform that brings the world of Reggae together in one easy-to-use app. The Music. The Life. The Culture. What's On and Where to Go.

Rooted in Jamaica, born in London, our mission is to make enjoying and discovering the eclectic, brilliant music accessible for everyone from ardent fans to those with a fledgling interest.  From ska to dancehall, roots to rocksteady, dancehall to reggae rap, dub to afro-beats, and fusion from around the world, Jamarado brings the tropical vibes into one unified hub.

Designed for effortless discovery, the music is expertly curated into long-play Zones and more focused Special Selectahs based on mood or genre.  It's a new way of listening bringing back the element of surprise and removing over-complex selection through - Raadio X Streaming. No ads. No chat. No fiddly playlists. Just music. The charm of the past with the tech of today.

When it comes to selecting the music, we feature the best from big name to rising artists, from the 60s to now, big hits to hot releases and niche gems. Were always adding, always searching.  The 12 main Zones range from Big Chunes to Feelin' Irie, Party Karnival to Back-A-Time, Love Mi Always to Rebel Rockers, So Hot Right Now to One World.  Selectahs range from Lionesses to Reggae Got Soul, Reggae Rap to Vintage Dancehall, plus selections from guest DJs.

Jamarado is unique in offering both a listening and lifestyle experience in one platform. Our features, global Diary and Directory ensure subscribers are in the loop on everything reggaematic. 

From concerts to eating out, vinyl to fashion, festivals to travel and interviews with the artists, we give you the top picks and recommendations. Kingston to Melbourne, London to LA, Accra to San Jose, Paris to Cape Town and everywhere in-between, Jamarado is very much about getting out and living the One Love life.  

The world of reggae in an instant, Jamarado is perfect for on-the go lives, keeping you company while you work, travelling, relaxing at home, on the beach or for enjoying with friends.  From Bob Marley to Busy Signal, Ken Boothe to Popcaan, Alpha Blondy to Chronixx, Marcia Griffiths to Koffee - Jamarado's a reggae treasure trove waiting to be discovered. 

The word Jamarado is a fusion word from Jamaica (origin), Comarade (friendship) and Dorado (gold)

Our Profile

Jamarado is a fiercely independent start-up, based in London, born from a deep passion for the music and culture. Our mission is simply to give reggae a mighty global roar through unity, collective opportunity and inspired vision.

At the heart of our ethos you'll find independence and commitment to making our selections accordingly. We believe passionately in  showcasing the legacies of the foundation artists right through to the current artists you know and the rising stars of tomorrow plus all the fabulous niche and undiscovered gems in-between. 

By uniting the music, we hope to celebrate and empower the music and the movement.  

How Jamarado works

Download from Apple App Store, Google Play or Sign Up via our website. Jamarado can be used across App and Web versions with one subscription. Music is streamed and cannot downloaded. We operate a global PRS licence which enables us to offer tracks from all artists worldwide who have submitted for performance rights through their label or management. Artists receive money from this licence distribution. 

All Zones are responsive to individual listening to ensure the greatest variety of tracks are played. Artist and tracks names are displayed as they play, and users can skip and pause tracks. Each zone contains over 500 tracks to ensure dynamic listening. Special Selectahs are more specialised zones with up to 100 tracks. 

The Live Broadcast by contrast is a mix up of all the zones and streams live to everyone.

Lifestyle offers features and interviews. The Jamarado Diary allows users to search concerts and festivals around the world with map location and ticket links. Directory gives the low down on reggae flavoured food, travel, fashion, culture, clubs and more. 

Reggae. The movement.

Reggae is a magical and powerful force with its own distinct musical styles, rich history and cultural vibes. Reggae, the UN (UNESCO) declared in 2018 needs protecting as a global treasure for its service to humanity and promotion of world peace, love and social justice. 

Often representing a global vision of one love, equal rights, acceptance and peace, it’s also synonymous with feel-good, party vibes and uplifting rhythms. Through the comfort of real-talk from love and laughter to struggle and sorrow, Reggae can connect with us all. Somewhere, somehow, if it hasn’t already, it will capture your heart, mind, body or soul and once it does you’ll never let it go. 

"Music is creation. In reggae the lyric, the music itself, arrangement, that vibe, such melody - everything within the music moves the people, understand?" Burning Spear