Rooted - Curated -Independent

From the ground up

Jamarado is born from a deeply rooted appreciation for Reggae, its people, culture, history and vision. Reggae's roots are strong and it continues to flourish. We are always evolving Jamarado to showcase the music's diversity and depth. 

We’re an independent, grounded movement.

Live it, feel it, love it!

We’re all about the feel-good factor and the positive vibrations. Reggae culture is strong, diverse and real, it sees the wholeness of life and isn’t afraid to seek change.

Jamarado celebrates the joy in life and the power to bring change.

Join the Reggae revolution!

We want to bring the music and life together in one hub, for everyone to enjoy.  We have a two fold approach to this. Firstly, Jamarado offers instant access to a diverse selection of reggae and dancehall music plus features, recommendations and what's on. Secondly, it provides a platform that artists, creatives and businesses can use to elevate themselves and develop their reach through our growing community. 

The word Jamarado is a fusion word from Jamaica (origin), Comarade (friendship) and Dorado (gold)

Fierce unity. Reggae pride

Bringing people together with a shared passion for reggae - all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. People who make the music and people who love it. We’re a welcoming, connecting community, offering a sense of belonging.

Our purpose is to join, link and meet.

The Reggae reverb

We’re a music and lifestyle App, curating our content to bring you only the very best in Reggae and Dancehall culture. We want you to explore the music in its diversity - everything gravitating around it from people, food & drinks, fashion, travel, history, culture, design and art.

Walk on the reggae side of life.

The Jamarado movement

Born in London where the world meets, we’re a platform without borders. Our mission is to create a global following, with high impact and international reach. We want to show the full scope of reggae by creating a united platform where the music, life and culture are one. 

Reggae rules the world...