Terms & Conditions

Jamarado Terms and Conditions

Last updated 22/06/2018


Thank you for choosing Jamarado Music, (Jamarado), which is a trademark of Jamarado Ltd.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before using the App (mobile application), the service of which is operated by Jamarado Music / Jamarado Ltd, company no 11209570 (“Jamarado”).


Jamarado offers a streaming music service. The Demo is a free of charge service, and the remaining options (full Jamarado) and broadcasts are part of our paid for service, (“premium service”). It is for personal and non - commercial purposes.

How it works

Listen to the free Demo, a sample of what is on offer and enjoy Lifestyle, Directory and Diary for Free.

Or buy and register for the full Jamarado service, which is a live broadcast and a selection of music playlists chosen from a coloured grid.

To buy full Jamarado on in app purchases, it is a £2.99 auto renewable monthly subscription, or a £24.99 one off payment for an annual subscription.


From time to time we may offer a free trial “Trial” of our premium service. We reserve the right to withdraw or modify this trial. For trials, we will require payment details and user information details at the start of the trial on registration.

At the end of the trial we can charge you a recurring monthly fee on the first day after the end of the trial.

If you do not wish to sign up for the paid for premium service, you must cancel the trial before the end of the trial, through the registration page of Jamarado. Paid subscriptions cannot be cancelled before the end of the period that you are paying for.


Jamarado Ltd grants you, the user of its services, a non exclusive license to use Jamarado services. This is a non commercial license, and is not transferable. 

You, the user, grants Jamarado the rights to storage on your hardware and mobile devices.

Third Party applications

Jamarado may be integrated on some third party applications. Jamarado is not responsible for features and content of these third party applications, which have their own terms and conditions.

User Guidelines

Jamarado prohibits :

  • Broadcasting in public
  • Not respecting intellectual property rights and copyright laws.
  • Sell or lease Jamarado services.
  • Providing your password to any other person.
  • Artificially increasing playcount.
  • Modifying the Jamarado service.

You, the user, are responsible for safeguarding your user data and password to the service. Please notify Jamarado immediately if your security has been compromised.

You can login to Jamarado services on a reasonable number of devices, but not use simultaneously.

Service Limitations and customer service contact

Jamarado will attempt to keep all its services operational at all times. However, Jamarado may, from time to time, have technical difficulties, and reserves the right to disable its service for a short period to make technical changes or amendments to its services.

Please contact us on the support email info@jamarado.com, if you are experiencing any difficulties.


Third party payment providers are used to take payments on behalf of Jamarado.

Payments are monthly, via an in app purchase on an automatic renewal basis each month, until cancellation, for £2.99, or annually a one off payment of £24.99 per year.

The cost of 3G, 4G, or WIFI access to use these streaming services is borne by the user.


If you wish to cancel at any time, then you will be no longer charged, and any payments taken will not be refunded, and you will be charged to the end of that monthly period you are currently in. If you have paid annually, you will not be refunded pro rata.

If you fail to comply with the terms and conditions, Jamarado reserves the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect, without notice, and preclude access to its services.


Jamarado provides its services with reasonable skill and care. Jamarado does not warrant an error free service, but will respond promptly to any interruptions to its service.

Jamarado will take reasonable efforts to protect the information provided by you.

Legal Jurisdiction : The laws of the United Kingdom are applicable to this agreement.

Trademark and Intellectual Property

You agree that the services of Jamarado are protected by applicable Intellectual Property and other laws.

Privacy policy: Please see the separate privacy section

Jamarado service is not directed towards children under 16 years of age.


Email: info@jamarado.com
Registered Office: 84 High Street, Harlesden, London NW10 4SJ