Reggae rules the world

"Reggae music isn't something you hear, it's something you feel." Peter Tosh 

Jamarado was founded in London by long-time Reggae DJ, fashion designer and style-life selector, Karen Proctor. Karen’s quest was to create the ultimate easy-to-use, super-stylish reggae and dancehall App for anyone drawn to exploring the music and lifestyle from those with a fledgling interest to those who live the music.

The world of reggae in one, the App is designed to allow listeners to select the music by their mood or the general genre. Each Zone or more focused Special Selectahs allows subscibers to intuitively enjoy continuous flow, curated tracks from a hugely diverse collection. Karen wanted Jamarado to be all about the music - no Ads, no chat, fiddly playlists or image bombardment. She believes this Radio X Streaming approach creates an explorative and inspiring listening experience, streamlined to counter today’s overloaded choices. Jamarado is a new way to listen to reggae - the simplicity of the past with the tech of today. 


Behind Karen’s motivation lies the belief that this much-loved music deserves more reach and more power. Launched in 2019, Karen believes Jamarado can give the music more prominence, show its diverse talent and reach both existing and new audiences. In 2018 the UN ruled that reggae be protected due to its contribution to world peace and social equality.

Karen’s own passion for reggae has spanned over 20 years and touched her entire life from spirituality and politics to fashion, interiors, travel, food, festivals and friends. It all started with a tape of Jamaican Rocksteady, and a very memorable cab journey from Brixton with a Ghanaian driver who played Gregory Isaacs all the way. On hearing this music, Karen felt she had come home.


The music drew Karen to a new world as she began DJingIt was the era of raves and house music where vinyl ruled and the clubs boomed. Karen succeeded in bringing reggae to the chill rooms, bars and private parties. Moving to Notting Hill further fuelled her passion. Here, she connected with the people who lived the music and the communities that have embraced it. To Karen's surprise she won a PHD scholarship at UCL to research the impact of reggae on British identities.




Single motherhood and fashion then called. Karen was one of the founding members of Liberty of London personal styling department, going on to run her own bespoke label Albertine Burdett (known for its tropical, floral and African Vlisco prints), and her own styling business, The Intrepid Stylist. 

Throughout the highs and lows, Reggae always grounded Karen and became the soundtrack to her life. Whether listening at home or going out dancing she loves how uplifting and reflective the music is. As Bob Marley said “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,” In Karen’s words, “Jamarado, like the music itself, was born from passion, loss and rebirth, and the belief that brighter days will always dawn. The App is all about exploring the music and checking into its vibes, knowing the best places to go out, what to enjoy, how to look and feel good, whilst feeling a sense of belonging and adventure.”


Jamarado is the easy reggae music and lifestyle App with a big vision.