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One Love Books is an independent publishing company specialising in books about music, design, fashion and culture, particularly Jamaican culture.


Iconic & revolutionary would be the words we'd use to describe this wonderful bookshop & publishing company. Founded in 1966 by John La Rose & his partner Sarah White it was the UK's first black publisher & book distributor. Bringing all aspects of literature together from Africa, Caribbean, Asia, African America, Europe, South America and Britain there is a huge range to choose from, covering just about every area, poetry, non-fiction, history & childrens books to socially ground-breaking & political material.


A seminal & revolutionary research project by Mykaell Riley & his team at University of Westminster, looking at how Jamaican Music & culture has impacted the UK's political, social, musical & cultural landscape over the past sixty years. This all encompassing body of work, now in it's final stage of it's three year tenure, is absolutely fascinating, enlightening & informative - with contributions from some of the countries most esteemed, Musicians, Authors, Photographers, DJ's & Reggae Records Shop owners. They are focusing on "Bass Culture" & exploring how this term has evolved since it's birth from the 1980 Linton Kwesi Johnson's album "Bass & Culture" transcending genre's, how it has affected indigenous music production & how it is a key catalyst for todays new music evolution.

British Black Music BBM/ BMC

British Black Music/ Black Music Congress is a forum for highlighting black music issues, networking, and a pathway to music industry education. BBM/ BMC is the initiator of the annual British Black Music Month (BBMM), which has been taking place in June/ July since 2006. It's an opportunity to celebrate Black British Music through talks, films, performances and more. Plus you can improve on industry knowledge and contacts through seminars, courses and networking events. BBM/ BMC supports reggae through its owen occasional awards and as the co-ordinator of International Reggae Day in the UK.